Comprehensive Vaccine Services for Your Pet’s Protection!

Is your pet due for vaccinations? At Bramalea Animal Hospital, Our expert team provides tailored vaccination plans to protect your furry friends from preventable diseases, ensuring their long-term health and happiness.

Your Pet's Vaccine Schedule 🗓️

Puppies and Kittens:

First Vaccinations

Administered at 8 weeks of age to begin building immunity.

Boosters at 12 Weeks

Reinforces the initial vaccination and strengthens the immune response

Boosters at 16 Weeks

Final set of initial vaccinations to ensure robust and lasting immunity.

Adult Pets:

Regular Boosters

Given on a one to three-year schedule, depending on the type of vaccine and your pet’s health needs.

Customized Plans

Vaccination schedules tailored to your pet’s lifestyle and risk factors to maintain optimal health.

Our Vaccination Services

Core Vaccines

Essential vaccines that protect against common and severe diseases such as rabies, distemper, and parvovirus.

Non-Core Vaccines

Additional vaccines based on your pet’s specific risk factors and lifestyle, including bordetella and leptospirosis..

Puppy and Kitten Vaccinations

Special vaccination schedules designed for the needs of young pets to provide early protection against diseases.

Booster Shots

Regular booster vaccinations to maintain immunity and ensure continued protection throughout your pet’s life.

By following a comprehensive vaccination schedule, we ensure your pet is protected against common and serious diseases, promoting a healthy and active life. Contact us to discuss your pet’s vaccination needs and schedule their next appointment.

Why Choose Our Vaccination Services?

Experienced Veterinary Team

Our knowledgeable veterinarians are experienced in administering vaccines safely and effectively, ensuring your pet's optimal health.

Comprehensive Vaccination Plans

We offer tailored vaccination plans based on your pet's age, lifestyle, and health status, covering all essential and optional vaccines.

Advanced Care Facilities

Our Brampton clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to provide the highest standard of care during vaccination visits.

Gentle and Compassionate Care

We prioritize your pet's comfort and ease during vaccination, using techniques that minimize stress and discomfort.

Community Commitment

As a local Brampton animal hospital, we are dedicated to enhancing the health of pets in our community through effective vaccination programs.

Preventive Health Focus

Vaccinations are a crucial part of preventive healthcare, protecting your pet from serious diseases and ensuring their long-term well-being.

Keep Your Pet Protected and Healthy!

Vaccinating your pet is a crucial step in ensuring their long-term health and happiness. Contact our Brampton animal hospital today to schedule a vaccination appointment and keep your pet protected against preventable diseases.


These FAQs aim to provide helpful information and address common concerns pet owners may have regarding our vaccine services. For more specific questions, we encourage you to reach out directly to our veterinary team.

Vaccinations protect your pet from various infectious diseases, some of which can be fatal. They also help prevent the spread of diseases to other pets and humans.

Core vaccines are essential for all pets due to the risk of exposure, severity of disease, and transmissibility to humans. Non-core vaccines are recommended based on your pet’s specific lifestyle and environment.

If your pet shows signs of a severe reaction, such as difficulty breathing, swelling of the face or paws, or persistent vomiting, contact your veterinarian immediately. Mild reactions often resolve on their own.

Many pet insurance plans cover the cost of vaccinations as part of their wellness or preventive care packages. Check with your insurance provider for specific coverage details.

While vaccinations are highly effective, no vaccine provides 100% protection. However, vaccinated pets are much less likely to contract and spread infectious diseases.

You can schedule a vaccination appointment by calling our Brampton office, using our online booking system, or visiting our clinic in person.